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Comprehensive Cyber Security Services

De Risk Your Business

Advanced Penetration Testing

Hack Proof your Business-critical applications & infrastructure. We identify security issues and tell you exactly how to fix them.

» Web Application Security Assessment

» API Security Assessment

» Mobile Applications Assessments

» Cloud Security Assessment

» Network Security Assessment

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Compliance, Audit & Certification

We work with your team to assess your compliance, establish a baseline against the required standard and work to get the accreditation.

» ISO 27001



» Essential 8

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Security Assessment

Identify weaknesses in security controls and assess the effectiveness of your current Cyber Security measures.

» Security Architecture Review

» Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

» Crown Jewels Assessment

» 3rd Party Assessment

» Privacy Impact Assessment

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Dark Web Monitoring

With Dark Web Monitoring we monitor your business data such as Usernames, Passwords, Credit card details, and your client’s information proactively on the Dark Web & prevent it’s use for criminal activity before it’s too late.

With the Australian Privacy increased data breach penalties to $50 million or 30% of the corporation’s turnover’ it is a must have service for every business.

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Phishing Simulation / Security Awareness

92% of data breaches are caused by human error. Turn Your Employees into a Superhuman Firewall.

» Continuous phishing simulation
» Weekly micro-training video, quiz
» Annual Security training
» Written Security Policies
» Monthly security newsletter
» List of employees with greatest risk
» Phishing Attack Fail Rate

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Managed Security Services

Cyber security delivered as a service, to protect your business.

» Managed SIEM and SOC
» Vulnerability Management
» Endpoint Detection and Response»
» Threat Intelligence
» Incident Response

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